Pre/Post Surgery Body Contouring

treadmill_doctorPre-Surgery:  Before body conturing surgery or liposuction, you may be asked or motivated to lose a certain amount of weight.  I will help get you to your goals and get you ready prior to surgery.  In addition weight lose, core or cardio training will be beneficial in enhancing your overall surgical experience prior to surgery.

Post-Surgery: After any surgery it is sometimes difficult for people to get back on their own two feet to fight the day.  I’m  a great motivator for getting back in the game.  I personally had to rehab my own shoulder for about a year.  I was concerned that I would not be able to have the same level of intense workouts.  However, with patience, perseverance and commitment to a rehab program, I eventually surpassed my previous level of strength.

In conclusion:  I will help to safely and effectively improve your fitness prior to and after surgery.  Sometimes the rehabilitation process is cut short by the client.  Patients often get to about 80% recovery rates, lose motivation and then never finish the rehab.  I can help keep you motivated!  It is important no matter what the surgical procedure to make certain you are fully recovered and are back at 100%.