Kids/Teens and Young Adults


Kids:  At any age it is good to develop your body.  Did you know that if you can not perform certain exercises and motor skills as a child, your right brain and left brain do not sync properly as you develop and grow up?  Also, having proper core strength will develop good posture and a sense of your body’s surrounding.  As a child you should be able to do push ups, sit ups, and hold a bridge or a back bend.

Teens:  As a teenager, sports become more and more popular.  Being able to train the body to become competitive and agile are more important than ever.  Developing and learning good technique in any exercise whether it be a squat, bench press, box jump or sprint becomes vital to the young athlete.  Even if you are not a competitive athlete as a teenager the body is just as important to develop as the mind. Typically as a teenager you should already be able to do push ups, sit ups, run a mile, and jump a platform to knee height.

Young Adults:  As a Young Adult a lot can change about your body.  Gaining and losing weight from poor eating habits is often a concern.  As a young adult you are beginning to form habits that will stick with you for a life time.  Staying motivated to form good nutritional and exercise habits becomes key to healthy living.  As a young adult you should be able to do push ups, sit ups, be able to run a 5K and just have a general idea of what is healthy to eat and drink.

Three times as many kids are overweight today! Be responsible and boost your kids activities and help them eat healthy to lead a happier life.

For Me: Growing up I was in multiple competitive sports so I understand what it takes to be at the top of your game.  I was a National Champion in two different sports, so I know what it will take to win.  I started working out with a personal trainer at the age of 13.  This helped me get ready for football as a freshman in high school.  I am glad I learned good technique and proper form from a great personal trainer before going into a heavy weight lifting program.  Because of attending a private school I did not come off the field.  I played inside line-backer and running back.  Maintaining strength, flexibility and overall endurance was important in order to be physically fit for the game.  My senior year I made the all-star team by being selected as one of two players from my team to compete.  I personally fell in love with training to push myself to become bigger, stronger and faster.  If you or a family member are interested in a competitive training program, then I can offer valuable insight to your particular training needs.