Competition and Pageant Training


trophy-200x200Pageant Training:  My training sessions are individualized according to the client’s needs. For example, in training a former Miss Texas, we concentrated on quickly going from upper body exercise to a lower body exercise.  This gave her a good resistant training workout while maximizing calorie burn.  With this particular client we focused on peripheral heart action training.  For example, a series of shoulder presses followed immediately by walking lunges results in a greater calorie burn.



5k-200x2005K Training:  One great way to get in shape is to start with a 5K.  Especially if you are a beginner, a 5K race is a good goal to set for yourself.  (3.2 miles =  5K) Depending on the race, the geographic layout of  a course can vary greatly.  Races and events like this are a good way to meet other people trying to get fit.  I can help you with your fitness goals.



karate-200x200Martial Arts Training:  I am a 2nd degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do.  From the ages of 6 to 14, I was a nationally ranked competitor in martial arts.  I competed on the NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) circuit  and won many youth national titles in forms and weapons.  Today the style I competed in is called XMA or Extreme Martial Arts, which involve acrobatics, karate kicks and tricks and gymnastics all choreographed to music.  I am available to assist with martial arts training including black-belt preparation.



cheer-200x200Cheerleading Training:  Having been a collegiate national champion cheerleader in 2006 and on competitive all-star teams,   I won as an individual best cheerleader in 2003.  I can get you ready for a cheer try-out and also give advice on schools with good collegiate cheerleading programs.



flip-200x200Gymnastics/Tumbling Training:  If you need to learn a back-tuck for gymnastics, I would be glad to help.  I trained in gymnastics for several years using the cross over skills to enhance competitive performance martial arts techniques.  Between gymnastics, karate and tumbling training, I quickly learned that good core strength would help with high school sports and weight lifting.