Youth Karate Champion

1998 US Open Finals Competition

US Open Competition runs in Orlando, Florida and it is the only tournament that is televised on ESPN2.  Day time competition consists of about 20 to 30 competitors who are all black-belts. My division ran ages 12 to 13.  Next up is a run-off competition from all the youth winners 18 and under.  Usually only 5 to 6 make it to the night time finals performance. This is me performing at age 13 to choreographed sound effects in the routine.

Age 8 to 13 – Karate Final Competitions 

  1. Fast Forward to 0:45 – 8 years old forms
  2. Fast Forward to 3:25 – 11 years old forms
  3. Fast Forward to 6:10 – 13 years old forms
  4. Fast Forward to 8:00 – 13 years old weapons

This video shows 4 night time final competitions.  In these videos the competition is held in Minnesota and is called the Diamond Nationals.  “The Diamonds” is the last tournament of the year before the season is over.  In the last performance I end up winning the 18 and under grand national weapons title.  As is shown in the end of the video.



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